The VCRC created a pocket-sized informational card to help domestic violence victims keep important information handy and discreet.  To order these cards and other VCRC material at no cost, please submit a material request form found here.

You can also view the PDF version of the card below.  If you choose to print these directly from our website, print them double sided.  Please note you will need to adjust your printer specifications so the document prints to a business card size.  You can do this by selecting print “actual size” under settings. You can also set the printer specifications manually:

Domestic Violence card dimensions:          10.5 x 2.0 in

Domestic Violence Card PDF (English)

Domestic Violence Card PDF (Spanish)

Folding instructions:

  1. Print the PDF double sided. 
  2. Trim the excess paper around the card.  
  3. Hold the paper so the interior of the card is facing you.  You will see the left section (Law Enforcement), the middle section (Victim Request for Services/Notifications), and the right section (Emergency Contact Information).
  4. Take the right section, and fold in inwards over the middle section. Now, you will still have the Law Enforcement section on the left, and see the Resources list containing Legal Aid/Counseling/Shelter on the right.
  5. Take the Law Enforcement Section and fold it over the Resources section.  Now, the VCRC Logo will be facing you and the card is ready for use.