Victim Impact Statements

Victim Impact Statements allow a victim or survivor of a victim of crime to tell the court how the crime has negatively affected their life, whether physically, emotionally or financially.  The right to provide a Victim Impact Statement is exercised after the offender has been found guilty of the crime, but before sentencing.  Victims and survivors of victims may choose to exercise this right either through an oral or written presentation of their statement to the court.  The purpose of a Victim Impact Statement is to allow the court to take this information into consideration before a particular punishment is ordered for the offender.  Also, victims can elect to present a Victim Impact Statement to the State of California Board of Parole Hearings before a decision is made regarding the suitability of the offender to be released from prison on parole.

To learn more about Victim Impact Statements, you may consult this guide for information regarding this important right:

Your Victim Impact Statement

A Guide for Writing Victim Impact Statements for Parole Consideration Hearings for Life-Sentenced Adult Inmates