California Victims Compensation and Government Claims Board, CalVCP

The Victims Compensation and Government Claims Board oversees the California Victims Compensation Program (CalVCP).  This program offers compensation (economic assistance) to victims of qualifying crimes for certain types of expenses and financial losses related to the crime which are not covered by other sources.  For example, the CalVCP program can provide economic assistance with such things as medical bills, counseling/therapy services, income loss, relocation, funeral expenses, crime-scene clean up, home security, among other costs.

The process for applying to the California Victims Compensation Program requires that a victim fill out an application and submit evidence to support their claim for assistance.  It is strongly recommended that you contact your local Victim/Witness Assistance Center to receive guidance in the application process.  Requests for compensation for certain expenses (such as Relocation and Residential Security) require additional forms and specific evidentiary support.  A Victim Advocate at the Victim/Witness Assistance Center will be able to explain more in detail about the requirements for requesting assistance for a particular loss which you may have suffered as a victim of crime.

Click here to find your county’s Victim/Witness Assistance Center.

In addition to the CalVCP, the Victims Compensation and Government Claims Board also operates the following programs:

  • Restitution Recovery: A highly effective revenue recovery program focuses on partnering with counties and other state departments to ensure the collection of restitution fines and orders from criminal offenders that in turn fund compensation for crime victims.
  • Compensation for Good Samaritans: The Board administers the provisions of California law that provide for compensation to Good Samaritans who suffer injury or loss as a result of their efforts to prevent a crime, apprehend a criminal, or rescue a person in immediate danger of injury or death.
  • Missing Children Reward Program: The California Legislature created the Missing Children Reward Program to assist local law enforcement agencies and other parties involved in the identification and recovery of missing children in California.

Below are some publications about the services offered by the Victims Compensation and Government Claims Board, including some forms required for assistance:


More information about CalVCP and the other programs mentioned can be located at the Board’s website, on the Board’s Publications page, and also their Forms page.

The Board also operates a Victim Support Hotline at 1-800-777-9229.  You can call this hotline to find out more about CalVCP and other programs of the Victims Compensation and Government Claims Board, as well as check on the status of a submitted application.